22 Most Hilarious Design Fails


We can’t all be Leonardo Da Vinci, when it comes to design. However, there should be some level of sanity that justifies a design. You can’t call any crappy creation a design now, can you? Turns out some people do not limit their creativity to minor details like sanity or utility. They design without a leash on their senseless creativity. Resultantly, they come up with products and designs that are so embarrassingly messed up and useless, that they make you wonder how they passed through quality assurance. From a transparent bathroom door, to a bus shelter with a huge hole in it, we all have witnessed such design fails. 


So if you are looking for such design fails you have come at the right place. We have made a compilation of 22 hilarious design disasters that are going to make you burst into laughter. Don’t miss the fun guys, keep scrolling and you are gonna end up laughing out loud.

  1. 1 This is wrong at so many levels!

  2. 2 This unfortunately designed kid's balloon.

  3. 3 Eww.. Someone took a go at the walls!

  4. 4 This pool float looks like a giant maxi pad!


  5. 5 Why they think that every child wants to know what an animal's butt smells like!

  6. 6 Easy way to do it, just don't make eye contact when going inside

  7. 7 So much for the sake of privacy

  8. 8 It hurts the poor dogie!

  9. 9 Oh dear Spidey!

  10. 10 These leggings are surprisingly anatomically correct

  11. 11 What did the architect smoke before designing this?

  12. 12 This Catholic school logo is all kinds of wrong

  13. 13 Talk about unrealistic body standards..

  14. 14 This carpet from the hallway scares me

  15. 15 Who needs privacy when going to the toilet?

  16. 16 You are what??

  17. 17 My dentist has been selling the poop emoji as toothpaste for years!

  18. 18 Good bye music

  19. 19 How many do you count?

  20. 20 If you've got it, flaunt it.

  21. 21 Hot dog anyone?

  22. 22 This clothing display is like: We're running out of space, let's just hang the kids in the rafters.


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