20 Most Hilarious Cheating Revenge Stories


Nobody likes a lying, cheating jerk! But all of us express our frustration differently. Most people like to sort these things out privately. However there are some people who hate as passionately as they love, and if they catch their partner cheating, they’ll make them pay bad PUBLICY. They won’t rest until they’ve had their revenge and exposed the cheaters for who they really are.  Mostly they’ll craft up hilarious situations to get back at their unfaithful partners. 


Listed in this post are 20 photos of hilarious revenge taken by people to teach their unfaithful partners a lesson:

  1. 1 It's gonna hurt a lot!

  2. 2 Talk about a warm welcome

  3. 3 Who says she's going to forgive him and take him back after he's finished with his 6 tasks?

  4. 4 When your ex really loves sticky notes


  5. 5 Angry girl at my school posted these all around campus, I spotted 11 on my walk to the library this morning.

  6. 6 Just got my ex-wife's portrait touched up...

  7. 7 Wife smashes cheating husband’s car after discovering affair

  8. 8 Damn Michael, you're doomed!

  9. 9 Scott Kelly didn't think this through

  10. 10 Thank you David...

  11. 11 She knew your weakness mister

  12. 12 He looks Deserving

  13. 13 Looks like a great place to start our new life

  14. 14 So the breakup costed me a paint job

  15. 15 Moral: Don't cheat on a tattoo artist

  16. 16 Look whose on TV douchebag

  17. 17 That's why getting joint bank accounts is a bad idea

  18. 18 Graham's in deep trouble

  19. 19 Just being a good neighbor

  20. 20 Not one but two

  21. 21 I am assuming this sibling was a man

  22. 22 Need flirty women for the concert

  23. 23 This is one educated crazy revenge, at least she did not break anything!

  24. 24 Found out my girlfriend is cheating on me. Giving her this card tonight at my birthday dinner.


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