20 Most Funny New Year’s Resolutions VS Realities That Will Make You Laugh


A new year symbolizes a new chapter in the book of your life. It is a great opportunity to bring about a change in your undesired trait or behavior and to accomplish a personal goal to improve your life. 

But while so many people aspire to achieve some ambitious goals, very few ever taste the victory. Some of the most common goals are eating healthy, getting proper sleep, joining the gym etc. and we can probably all relate to these resolutions. 


While in the spirit of new year resolution and new year failures, we found some hilarious comics surrounding new year’s resolution that we can all enjoy! 

Coffee Resolution

I'm more Cozy now

New Year, Old Me

New Year's Confession


Fresh start! Sort of. . .

Hahaha... a better husband

This is what everyone does on their New Year's Resolution

Resolution of "Stop being Judgmental"

New year's resolutions be like...

Can't decide your New Year's resolutions? Ask your spouse. He or she will have plenty of suggestions!

New Year Resolution: PET MORE DOGS!!

New Years Fail

A New Year's Winning Streak!! Remain Mediocre!! LOL

Grad School New Year's Resolution!!

New year resolutions Failed again!!

Cat Lady Resolution!!

Pretty Simple Resolutions

Spend more time with pillow

You chewed up my list of new years resolutions! Good Boy!!

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