22 Most Funny and Useless Life Hacks


We all, at some point in our life, have used life hacks to make our daily tasks easier. Some people, despite using all their brilliance and intelligence, can end up with some hacks that are absolutely state of the art but still are completely useless. If you are looking for such hacks, you have come at the right place.


Here we have compiled 20 brilliantly useless life hacks that will probably fail to improve your life. Scroll down and enjoy all these amazingly useless ideas, which will surely bring a smile on your face. Don’t skip the 13th one, it is sure to make you laugh. 

  1. 1 Tattoo hair onto your head to easily hide that you're bald

  2. 2 Out of planters? No problem! Use your old jeans as your DIY planters!

  3. 3 Put a plastic bag over your head, It will make you pass out so you do not have to work at all

  4. 4 Beer can hot rollers


  5. 5 How to warm your pizza?

  6. 6 Easy DIY Life hack to prevent you from typing 2017, even though it's actually 2018.

  7. 7 When you don't want to touch any of the hand poles on the train...!

  8. 8 Easy name brand replicator

  9. 9 Use Ketchup As A Bookmark

  10. 10 Turn a greasy pizza box into a grease splatter shield.

  11. 11 Fix that hole in your sock with a Sharpie!

  12. 12 If your lawn chair doesn’t have a cup holder, Macgyver yourself one with duct tape

  13. 13 Finished eating your pizza? Use the box as a sun visor!

  14. 14 An energy-efficient hot tub.

  15. 15 Draining pasta is now a sport.

  16. 16 If you're in a rush in the morning, remember to save some time by having breakfast whilst cleaning your teeth at the same time!

  17. 17 This should pick up every station in the area.

  18. 18 Even without a corkscrew, people will always find a way to open a wine bottle.

  19. 19 Quick pick me up "Tip"!

  20. 20 When you can't find a knife, use your Macbook air to cut the bread! Even though Seems an expensive way to cut bread to me..

  21. 21 Use A Fork In Case You Haven't Mastered Chopsticks Yet

  22. 22 When you really wanna watch something while you're doing your business......


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