20 Most Funny and Awkward Autocorrect Conversations


While we can all agree that auto-correct has come to our rescue far too many times, we can also not deny the fact that sometimes it causes us a lot of embarrassment and shame. People are used to relying on auto-correct to fix their mistakes that they send out messages without giving them a second glance. Just when people do that, epic auto-correct fails come to life. 


If you have ever experienced this situation then you can understand what we mean. Scroll down below to see some hilarious autocorrect fails that will definitely make you feel better about the time when you messed up a text. 

  1. 1 Don't talk to your mother like that!

  2. 2 Is it that easy?

  3. 3 Damn the Auto Cucumber!


  4. 4 Mucky Dick??


  5. 5 Talk about an adult chat with your dad..

  6. 6 Well, that must have hurt

  7. 7 What balls?!

  8. 8 Till death do us part

  9. 9 3 orders of Boobsicles

  10. 10 L O A N

  11. 11 So what is an enjoyable semen Katherine?

  12. 12 Blind dates can be shady

  13. 13 It's getting hot in here

  14. 14 Screw you Apple!

  15. 15 It smells just like you

  16. 16 So What's for Dessert?

  17. 17 Inflation sucks

  18. 18 I am not going to join the party

  19. 19 Some here want Butthurt Potatoes?

  20. 20 That's one birthday wish you don't want!


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