27 Most Creative Bench Designs That Will Amaze You


Creativity isn’t just limited to art. It can be found in everyday objects too. You just need to learn to look for it. Creativity can be found anywhere. You just need a keen eye. This week as you go through your day-to-day routine. Look for creativity in your surroundings. Look at the benches in your area. Study their design, and find the creative edge. You can do this exercise with a different object every week. It will really broaden your horizon. 


Here is some inspiration to help you get started. Listed in this post are 27 awesome bench designs that’ll really make you appreciate the creativity of the designers:

  1. 1 This Stunning hand bench is really eye-catching, creative and funny!

  2. 2 Who doesn't want to sit on a bench holded by two hands that rise up from the floor?

  3. 3 Funny and creepy Shark bench!

  4. 4 Colourful giant pencils bench!


  5. 5 Melted bench in front of the Museum of Salvador Dali

  6. 6 You sit down and tell it where to go and it walks off and gives you a ride.

  7. 7 The second one?! LOL!

  8. 8 Funny Farm Themed Bench Seating

  9. 9 Sea World is one of the largest aquariums in the world, and they give their visitors a chance to seat in a whale's tail.

  10. 10 These brilliant and unique benches look like they're floating!

  11. 11 This beautiful bench work both as a sitting device and an art sculpture!

  12. 12 I'd be so scared it'd fall on me. Creepy! Really creepy!

  13. 13 Shark Girl Bench, Canalside, New York

  14. 14 I would climb to the first ''hole'' of the letter B! Would probably miss the bus though.....

  15. 15 Sitting on this bench will actually end you up sitting on the ground!

  16. 16 Well these tulip design benches look quite pretty but people won't know it's a bench unless they see someone sitting on it!

  17. 17 Looks fun! I'd have to jump my bike off one!

  18. 18 How would a city look if all the benches were fairytale-like as this one?

  19. 19 That looks so fun! It gives you an excuse to be a kid again... even for a minute.

  20. 20 Funny doodles mad benches.

  21. 21 The bench of the future!

  22. 22 Ben on the Bench: Experience sitting with Ben Franklin!

  23. 23 These bending benches are so relaxing!

  24. 24 How she managed to climb up there?

  25. 25 Creative bench advertisement!

  26. 26 This bench really cracks me up!

  27. 27 This bench seemed to confuse a lot of people who simply wanted to rest their legs.


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