23 Most Creepy and Bizarre Earring Designs


Being creative is good but creativity also comes with a certain limit. Every artist has the goal of making something unique but there's a fine line between unique and weird. Few of you would know that creepy earrings are also a thing. The silver lining? These can be used for cosplays and Halloween.


We've all come across unusual looking jewelry items in our lives but I'm sure you haven't seen earrings as weird as these. Here are 23 of the most bizarre earrings you'll ever see.

  1. 1 Hanging Fingers earings

  2. 2 Nose earrings

  3. 3 Giant Safety Pin Earring

  4. 4 Gross Squirrel feet Earrings


  5. 5 Creepy eyeballs earrings

  6. 6 Teeth earrings

  7. 7 Frog Earring

  8. 8 Dead Mice earrings: This is one creepy piece of jewellery I know I'll never use.

  9. 9 Bizrrare eyeballs earrings

  10. 10 Dripping Blood Earrings

  11. 11 Wolverine claw ear piercings

  12. 12 Dangle babies earrings

  13. 13 Vampire Bat Earrings

  14. 14 Hammer Earrings

  15. 15 Open mouth earings

  16. 16 Deconstructed barbie Earrings

  17. 17 Spider earrings

  18. 18 Water tap earrings

  19. 19 Fork and Spoon earrings

  20. 20 Snake earrings

  21. 21 Creepy Snake Eye Earring

  22. 22 Third Ear Earring Body Parts Jewellery by Percy Lau

  23. 23 Porcupine quill ear cuff


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