21 Most Bizarre and Funny Legging Pants Designs


Remember the winter night when you wanted to wear a dress but it was too cold to wear it just like that and that is when leggings came to your rescue? Any girl can agree that leggings are an amazing invention which protects you from the cold when it’s winter, save you from embarrassment when it’s summer and you don’t have your legs shaved or when you are trying to look like a grown up. 


However fashion designers are always trying to make something ordinary into something extraordinary. So below we have 21 images that will show you the take of fashion designers on leggings which will definitely give you a good laugh. Let us know in the comments section what do you think. 

  1. 1 Yup, Hairy Leggings Are Now A Thing

  2. 2 Veins stockings for those with a lust for sickness

  3. 3 Ordure Bizarre

  4. 4 Art leggings that look like ripped leggings


  5. 5 "Leggings OR Sneakers" Leggings

  6. 6 Almost invisible leggings!

  7. 7 Puss pants Cat leggings

  8. 8 FOLLOW ME twitter Leggings

  9. 9 "I'm Melting" Leggings!

  10. 10 LITERALLY Hairy leggings! Yuck!

  11. 11 Skeleton leggings

  12. 12 Pepperoni Pizza leggings!

  13. 13 The Ugliest Leggings

  14. 14 Crawling Bugs Leggings!

  15. 15 Human Anatomy Leggings!

  16. 16 Crappy!!

  17. 17 Help required. This girl has a hole in her heart.

  18. 18 Awful Leggings!

  19. 19 Hairy need pad leggings!

  20. 20 And out came a spider.....Leggings

  21. 21 Mermaid Tights! These Tights Make It Seem Like You’re Developing A Mermaid Tail


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