20 Most Amusing Yet Awkward Family Pet Photos


Most people love their pets, and they’re family for them.  Therefore, it is quite natural that no family photo will be complete without the pets. However, some people don’t really understand what a good photo really is. They end up taking hilarious awkward family photos with their pets. You’ll know what I mean when you see the photos listed in this post. They’re just hilarious. 


Scroll on, and enjoy peeps. Don’t miss the 5th photo, you’ll seriously question the sanity of the photographer in that one:

  1. 1 FFS Dude, it's your dog!

  2. 2 Settling in with the flow....

  3. 3 These are dogs. Actual living things, not bouquets...

  4. 4 My cat love shoving her butt in my face.....


  5. 5 Caught my dog mid yawn in group photo

  6. 6 Apparently, the dogs don't like him...!

  7. 7 I've never seen dogs looking so spiritual

  8. 8 Go away you b*tch, he's mine

  9. 9 That little girl is me

  10. 10 Mr. Fantastic standing out from the rest

  11. 11 No other pet would have suited this weird family better than this sloth

  12. 12 Bedtime friendships are the best. Innit?

  13. 13 When your pet gives zero f***s about the family photo

  14. 14 I guess this cat is the only family he has

  15. 15 It was a boring day so i tried to take a selfie with my dog, i don't think she likes that particular mask

  16. 16 When the cutest member of the family is camera shy

  17. 17 I don't even know if you can call Leo a pet...

  18. 18 This dog literally "supports" the family

  19. 19 Kitty's face at the background tells a lot about this fam

  20. 20 Buddy, no! You can't go for a swim before the photo!

  21. 21 Which one is pet? Which one is family?

  22. 22 This man shares a very shady relationship with his dog

  23. 23 A lot spots going on here.....!

  24. 24 Well, that's awkward!


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