20 Most Alluring Animals’ Wedding Photos


After going through this post, you won't be needing any more doses of cute! We have all seen humans in wedding dresses, beautiful but very mainstream right? 


So why not put animals in wedding dresses and gush at how cute they look?! 

  1. 1 What do you mean, “the musicians aren’t coming”?

  2. 2 They never told us that smiling all day long would be so hard!

  3. 3 Do you like my designer dress?

  4. 4 Are you ready for my wedding extravaganza?


  5. 5 Now that we have eight kids, we’re finally ready to get married!

  6. 6 Look into my eyes and tell me we’ll never be apart!

  7. 7 We love being the focus of everyone’s attention!

  8. 8 I was nervous and had a bit too much champagne

  9. 9 I’m a champion in garter catching

  10. 10 Why are you laughing? I take my wedding seriously!

  11. 11 We’ve eaten too much food...I can’t dance anymore!

  12. 12 Why so serious? It’s the happiest day ever!

  13. 13 Where’s the groom? I’m tired of waiting!

  14. 14 Now stay away from her

  15. 15 She said woof!!

  16. 16 He might be dashing!!

  17. 17 Let's go to swim

  18. 18 A was waiting for this day!!

  19. 19 She really Love it.

  20. 20 Pug Bride!!


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