20 Lucky People Who Narrowly Escaped the Disaster


Sometimes life serves you a wakeup call by giving you situations that “almost” ended up in a disaster. These are the kind of events when no real or lasting damage is done, but they’re close calls showing you that disasters are right around the corner. 

We’ve all found ourselves in such situations at one time or another in our lives. 


In this post we have listed pictures of 20 people that narrowly escaped disaster. Don’t miss the 15th photo, that’s cool! Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 That's why you should always read the safety manual

  2. 2 That must have hurt a lot

  3. 3 I would have cried if this happened to my Mac book

  4. 4 Glad the missus wasn't sitting in her spot


  5. 5 New tires aren't that cheap these days

  6. 6 Can you also listen to the falling sound in your head?

  7. 7 Would have had to spend the night out

  8. 8 Nature had mercy on me today

  9. 9 I almost took the wrong one!

  10. 10 Not a good start to my day

  11. 11 I screamed so hard it stopped right there

  12. 12 The aim was accurate enough

  13. 13 That's my mom's favorite plate set. It would have been a real disaster!

  14. 14 When only survival matters

  15. 15 When watching "The Matrix" finally helps

  16. 16 It was his lucky day

  17. 17 Never felt so lucky in my life before

  18. 18 Now this is what you call a close call

  19. 19 When you've just been gifted a new life

  20. 20 Life in the war zone

  21. 21 Stopped my breath for a while


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