20 Luckiest People Who Totally Hit the Food Jackpot


This post is going to give you some food goals and also a little bit of jealousy, but that's alright! Who doesn't like a little bit of extra food or food anomalies!


Scroll down and feel happy for the 20 luckiest people who totally hit the food jackpot!

  1. 1 Jackpot!!

  2. 2 My watermelon has almost no rind

  3. 3 Amongst all the horror that is the 29th, have a double banana.

  4. 4 Who said there are no freebies?


  5. 5 This massive lemon that grew on my lemon tree.

  6. 6 I had to do it, made my own lottery and I won BIG!!

  7. 7 Found a green bell pepper growing inside a red one. This is rare!

  8. 8 There was a mini orange inside my orange!

  9. 9 My grape is 8 grapes fused into 1

  10. 10 Buy 5 get one free!

  11. 11 My Kinder Surprise was encased in a second skin of chocolate. Dear Diary, Jackpot.

  12. 12 Two Extra Cookies! It must be my lucky day!

  13. 13 Buy 2 get the third one free. Jackpot!

  14. 14 WIN...Just got a carton full of double yolk eggs

  15. 15 More than regular nuts in my chocolate. Feeling like winning a million!

  16. 16 I found 5 peanuts in a shell!

  17. 17 This ice-cream sandwich came with an extra half!

  18. 18 A really long Marshmallow

  19. 19 An extra bottle for good luck.

  20. 20 Breakfast Jackpot!

  21. 21 I found this size of Strawberry

  22. 22 King Of Luck

  23. 23 I am jealous!

  24. 24 A very large potato chip, which I found in my bag of potato chips.

  25. 25 That's a big berry.


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