20 Legendary Airport Fails


Airports can be an exhausting and funny experience, combine them both and you get funny airport fails! 


People often do irrational things when they are bored or frustrated, we’re just funny like that. This post is just an example of how airports can make us do… legendary things! Enjoy!

  1. 1 Is she DEAD OR DEAD ASLEEP?

  2. 2 That’s my parking spot!

  3. 3 Midgets pulling an airplane...

  4. 4 Find a comfortable position, because once the check in is over, it’s time to wait.


  5. 5 Big strong macho man dressed in pink

  6. 6 This woman has definitely reached the end of her rope.

  7. 7 This man who can't be trusted

  8. 8 But Daddy, I Don’t Wanna Go to Hawaii

  9. 9 Stormtroopers reporting for duty

  10. 10 Leave Me in Peace

  11. 11 This woman is locked up in a transparent suitcase

  12. 12 This polar bear is not afraid of anything !

  13. 13 His mum has found a slightly hazardous way of keeping her little one in one place!

  14. 14 Well that's going to be a long ride

  15. 15 Hey guys, sorry to interpret this lovely photo, but you might want to turn back around for a quick sec.

  16. 16 Free entertainment at its best

  17. 17 Goofing around with acrobatics

  18. 18 Shift worker playing solitaire during work hours

  19. 19 Boarding on an invisible plane!

  20. 20 How important Aerobics are?


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