20 Kids Who are Champions of Doing Weird Stuff


Kids will be kids. They’ll do all sorts of hilariously weird stuff to keep you both busy and entertained.From buying creepy toys and funny Halloween costumes to literally cutting out holes in doors and using buckets as swimming pools, you can expect anything from them.  

If you’ve a toddler in the house, you’ll be dealing with a lot of cute and unexpected pranks as well. Don’t be surprised if you wake up to find your little one standing on your head. Kids are just programmed to experiment with all sorts of weird stuff. 


Listed in this post are pictures of 20 kids who’re champions at doing weird stuff. Enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 This little boy perched on the ceiling as Spider-Man

  2. 2 When you are planning to escape from your parents!

  3. 3 You will never love anything as much as this little girl love the fish she caught!

  4. 4 The little boy caught in the act of weightless meditation


  5. 5 This Cutie pie looks very thirsty!

  6. 6 Learning the perks to sharing

  7. 7 Real chucky

  8. 8 This little boy that has a special relationship with toilet paper..

  9. 9 What she want to do?

  10. 10 Getting stuck in the most unexpected places is another special talent.

  11. 11 Here's how Irish people cope without their own swimming pools

  12. 12 What my 2-year-old daughter chose for her Halloween costume

  13. 13 When the door in the bathroom got stuck, our 7-year-old daughter found a way out

  14. 14 Walked in on my son watching TV Like this. Freaked me out for a second!

  15. 15 The burden of fatherhood

  16. 16 It’s better not to mess with her, or....

  17. 17 I thing this kid don't like his father

  18. 18 This little boy who takes his Spider-Man costume seriously

  19. 19 The little girl who decided, for some reason, put her ice-cream in her nose

  20. 20 I'll dance with her, she's just my size!


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