20 It’s Not My F**king Job…But I Will Make It F**king work Award Nominees


Sometimes you fall asleep at work while your boss is around or mess up an important presentation. In short, some days are just not your days. But if you need the money, you gotta work, right? Here’s a compilation of epic fails of employees who have clearly had too much.

  1. 1 Vodka is for children. Adults drink whiskey or gin.

  2. 2 Wild comeback!

  3. 3 Phone booth with high standards of privacy

  4. 4 Who turned Water into Wine? Gotta be Jesus


  5. 5 Super Escalator Stairs

  6. 6 Nald's McDo. I wonder if the food tastes any better.

  7. 7 Horizontally mounted door for those who like to come out of their houses like chicken out of the oven

  8. 8 Perfect gate example....

  9. 9 Oookkk!

  10. 10 Please Do It Again ...!

  11. 11 STPO?

  12. 12 You Mean Straight Only?

  13. 13 One Job! You Had One Job!

  14. 14 Rail-ly a blunder

  15. 15 This is not included in my job

  16. 16 Forget Your Tools

  17. 17 You asked for stacking the cups instead of making cup Porcupine

  18. 18 Um, Excuse You!

  19. 19 A "Small" design flaw

  20. 20 I could see hipsters thinking this is modern art or something


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