20 Interesting Problems Faced By Pale People


Too much of anything is bad for you, even being white! Pale problems are so underrated that other people dont even realise it!


So, lets dive right in 20 interesting problems faced by pale people!

  1. 1 I relate to this donut so much because it's literally me with my family

  2. 2 After when you spent almost whole day just applying sunscreen.

  3. 3 You know you're pale when you text your boyfriend a picture of your pup snuggling you and your leg blends into the messaging screen.

  4. 4 Found a perfect foundation! LOL!


  5. 5 My body knows two colours: white and red.

  6. 6 Glowing on black sand!

  7. 7 I'm not sick, I'm just Pale!

  8. 8 Pale selfie be like...

  9. 9 No need to spend money on white tights!

  10. 10 Tried taking a picture with the flash on. Damn forgot I was pale. LOL

  11. 11 Going out without "SPF100" is a big mistake!

  12. 12 Nude tights and paleness, never match!

  13. 13 Blended Into the white background!

  14. 14 Too pale to be visible on TV!

  15. 15 This is not what you want to look like when using fake bake or sunless tanner.

  16. 16 I shall blend in to hide from the crab people

  17. 17 Somebody please call fo an aid! LOL

  18. 18 When you’re so white the sun steals your face.

  19. 19 My friend and her Irish Problems.


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