20 Ingenious Acts of Vandalism That are Far Too Funny to Actually be Mad


Some of the most creative people with great skills out there are street artists. Too bad their art is illegal.. 


Below are 20 ingenious acts of vandalism that are far too funny to actually be mad. Look for yourself and you’ll agree with us!

  1. 1 Brilliant street art

  2. 2 Great urban art.

  3. 3 Rats On Boat

  4. 4 Who will help it!


  5. 5 Do not touch, do not blow

  6. 6 I don't want to stay in this place.

  7. 7 It hurts!

  8. 8 This is grate . Seriously .

  9. 9 Ghost Busters

  10. 10 Rainbow vomit

  11. 11 That was trashy if you will

  12. 12 They got that stanky leg

  13. 13 This cap on the sidewalk turned the stage for an exciting Pacman match

  14. 14 "Applaud the jellyfish", says the little recadinho

  15. 15 Who lives in a pineapple etched on the road?

  16. 16 I Don't Share My Fries Anyway

  17. 17 Bob-omb.

  18. 18 "No, we will not,"

  19. 19 Cuddly Railing Serpent

  20. 20 This yellow hydrant has won some clothes to turn minion for once.

  21. 21 Am I next?????

  22. 22 his handrail was infinitely happier with this double sliding on the bar

  23. 23 Pack an graffiti

  24. 24 Bruce Lee legend!

  25. 25 You get hurt,


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