20 Humorous Final Exam Memes


You know how every dark cloud has a silver lining? Final exams is the figurative embodiment of this saying as before every summer vacation we have to get through the finals week. So, if you are chained to your desk and want to feel better than we assure you that BemeThis has got you back. Look at these memes and you will surely feel the stress get relieved. 

  1. 1 Night before Exam Vs During Exam

  2. 2 When you finish writing your exam!

  3. 3 When the questions are confusing

  4. 4 This is how i feel


  5. 5 After the exams when everyone discussing answers and you wrote nothing similar


  6. 6 A little help is never enough…

  7. 7 Oh shit ! Finals are here

  8. 8 Because you know you're going to wait until last minute to study

  9. 9 How i feel final days vs hoe i feel after

  10. 10 Here comes the Exams....

  11. 11 Last week of semester

  12. 12 Syllabus week vs finals week

  13. 13 God if you are listening please make multiple choice test

  14. 14 My exams days

  15. 15 Not sure if I studied too much ...or the exam was very easy

  16. 16 Finals are this week

  17. 17 When you study the wrong thing for exams

  18. 18 Night before exams

  19. 19 What my parents think I do Vs What I actually do!

  20. 20 How you know its finals week


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