20 Humorous and Strange Gravestones


Some people are so funny that they can’t ever rest in peace without cracking a joke first (pun intended).  Others have passive aggressive friends or relatives who couldn’t express their hatred openly when the deceased was alive, so they engrave their gravestones with hidden messages like “Fu*K You” instead. Frankly, I think it’s kinda cool that people can make others laugh even after they’ve passed on. Most of us can barely make anyone laugh even when we’re alive.


Here are 20 humorous photos of strange gravestones that are sure to make you laugh:

  1. 1 What's so funny??

  2. 2 Two Stupid lying down together!!

  3. 3 If you can read this....

  4. 4 Have a seat on Jackson!


  5. 5 supposedly, every time someone asked for her cookie recipe, she said "over my dead body!"

  6. 6 Sucks To Be Me.....!!

  7. 7 Hidden message. LOL!

  8. 8 Shit Happens!!!

  9. 9 He/she was hoping for a pyramid!

  10. 10 Damn!!

  11. 11 Jesus Called....

  12. 12 Burger and Fries: The perfect combination.

  13. 13 Literally Dead! We got this!

  14. 14 He told you!!

  15. 15 Butt....!! English is fun.

  16. 16 She is surely going to hell, he said!

  17. 17 Go Away! Don't disturb!

  18. 18 Once enter, can't escape ever!

  19. 19 Alas, yes

  20. 20 Now that's creepy!!


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