21 Hotel Designs That Fail Hilariously


If you're a traveler, then you must have experienced at least one of the situations below, or any other hotel fail. And while at that time it must have been frustrating, when you look back all you can do is laugh at the memory!


Scroll down and enjoy the 21 hotel designs that fail hilariously! 

  1. 1 In my hotel room, I can either close the closet or the bathroom, but not both at the same time

  2. 2 I think they takes their customer suggestions very seriously!

  3. 3 The vent in my hotel shower doesn't seem to be working

  4. 4 The sink in my Hotel was a bit... complicated.


  5. 5 Sometimes you need to stop and appreciate toilet paper

  6. 6 Staying in a shitty hotel in New York when..

  7. 7 Staying At A Hotel In Dublin, This Made Me Giggle

  8. 8 Found the most useless cabinet at my hotel.

  9. 9 Art" in a hotel lobby. Apparently, I've been making masterpieces in the shower for years!

  10. 10 We Are Travelling Around North Vietnam, A Couple Of Our Rooms Have Had No Windows. The Hanoi Hotel We Just Checked Into Promised Me There Was A Window In The Room They Kept For Me. I Guess They Weren't Lying

  11. 11 We Booked A Hotel Last Minute In Portland, The View Was... Breathtaking

  12. 12 My Hotel's Jetted Tub

  13. 13 The numbering in my hotel's elevator.

  14. 14 When they said "room with a view" I didn't think it meant of the bathroom, inside the hotel room, with a blind that is also see-through....

  15. 15 Must Protect The Door Stop

  16. 16 The carpet in my hotel room is FREAKING me out man!

  17. 17 Whoever Designed This Hotel Bathroom Owes Me An Explanation

  18. 18 I'll let you guess which one of these was working...

  19. 19 Had To Puzzle Out My Coffee Maker With Too Short A Cord In A Hotel Room

  20. 20 If Super Mario taught me anything, it's that you should jump into that wall.

  21. 21 This is on the bed in my hotel room!


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