20 Horrific Panoramic Photos Taken By People Who Need to Learn Panoramic Feature


Phone companies are constantly coming up with revolutionary ideas to make their gadgets stand out the most. There was a time when front camera was the most in thing but now so many other things have made it to the market like 360 degree picture and panoramas. 


While panoramas are the coolest forms of pictures that give the audience a clearer picture of your surroundings, not everyone knows how to make use of this feature, which is why often times we come across the best panoramic fails ever. So if you are curious to see the most amazng panoramic fails then scroll down below.

  1. 1 Now this is one long punch...

  2. 2 We told my buddy not to move during the panoramic shot. He didn't listen.

  3. 3 So please to meet you

  4. 4 Love a girl with looong legs...


  5. 5 After Age Effects

  6. 6 Found an alien goat!

  7. 7 In which direction he was going?

  8. 8 A half angel from nowhere

  9. 9 Is this a horse or A hen with long legs?

  10. 10 Wait!! What??

  11. 11 Train Baby

  12. 12 What he suppose to do?

  13. 13 You're bad at panoramas you say?

  14. 14 Double headed with double expressions

  15. 15 Well!! To much flat

  16. 16 Those who claim that two heads are better than one have never tried using three

  17. 17 The somersault...

  18. 18 The unveiling

  19. 19 Nailing the panorama!

  20. 20 When you see it...


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