20 Home Design Fails Where Architects Were Possibly Drunk


Designing homes is never an easy task. You have to keep in mind all the pros and cons, and have to measure every minute detail. But sometimes you come across structures that make you wonder about the sanity of the architect. We are sure that after such fails, the “Geniuses” that came up with these ideas, had a pretty long conversation with their bosses. 


Here we have compiled 20 pictures of such mind boggling home design fails that will make you question the sobriety of the designer. The seventh one seriously made me laugh out loud:

  1. 1 Refrigerator island

  2. 2 This will break some bones

  3. 3 Bathroom/Kitchen

  4. 4 Game of restroom thrones..


  5. 5 Me: We have a space problem in the toilet. Plumber: Hold my beer!

  6. 6 That's a shity design..

  7. 7 And The Award for the most useless drawer goes to..

  8. 8 Such Symmetry, Much wow

  9. 9 Privacy? Ain't nobody got time for that

  10. 10 Step up you garage

  11. 11 I have a Balcony For Birds

  12. 12 High Level personnel entry

  13. 13 On the wrong track

  14. 14 Stairway to death

  15. 15 Unfit to fit

  16. 16 Surprise! We Built You a New Entrance!

  17. 17 I need some from the stuff this architect smoke!

  18. 18 Garage Security = 100%

  19. 19 This shall trigger your OCD!

  20. 20 Now my car can walk out whenever she wants


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