20 Hilariously Over Protective Dads


Dads are known to be the fun parent and most women, no matter how old, are daddy’s little girls. Although, we love our dads, they can be a little overprotective at times, right? They know what is best for you and would hate to see you get hurt which is why they are always looking out for you. 


And while we know our dads mean well, let’s take a look at 20 hilarious examples of when dads go overboard trying to protect their little girls. 

  1. 1 Getting ready for my first prom night, so do my father!

  2. 2 Just a small advice to my daughter's prom date...

  3. 3 Very over protective father!

  4. 4 Never Ever!


  5. 5 Just a warning!

  6. 6 I have seen a lot of blankets on reddit today so here is my dad's gift to my younger sister. He calls it the "birth control blanket."

  7. 7 Whatever you do to my daughter I will do to you

  8. 8 Stay Clear Boys, this is my dad!

  9. 9 All these rules ultimately means you can't date my daughter!

  10. 10 Feminist Father!

  11. 11 If you make here cry...!

  12. 12 Father is always a Father!

  13. 13 A father with no sense of humour

  14. 14 He cares more about fashion than you might think...

  15. 15 No guns on prom night, Dad!

  16. 16 Dad has your number now!

  17. 17 He'll always be somewhere in the background...

  18. 18 Even Jennifer Lawrence's dad can be protective, she pumps gas as her dad flips off the paparazzi

  19. 19 OMG Dad! Put it away!

  20. 20 Not a good time


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