21 Hilariously Inventive Tricks For Theft Preventions


Not everyone can afford expensive locks to protect their belongings, but nobody likes to have their stuff stolen. So the ones who can’t afford the high tech systems come up with their own creative locking solutions to prevent theft of their property. Some of these solutions are seriously hilarious, but they work really well too! 


Listed in this post are 21 hilarious tricks that people have used for theft prevention. Scroll on peeps, you may find some good ideas here to protect your own stuff! Be sure to check out the 9th one, its awesome!

  1. 1 Pizza Secured

  2. 2 Car security is big business, but why pay the professionals when you can do it yourself?

  3. 3 A new car anti-theft security system is just a roll away!

  4. 4 Most effective safety lock


  5. 5 Don’t want anyone to use you mug?

  6. 6 This is what double security looks like

  7. 7 Security level 9000

  8. 8 Precious bicycle, worth any effort!

  9. 9 What kind of card do you have?

  10. 10 Locking car

  11. 11 This is the best car anti-theft system I've ever seen.

  12. 12 Only one spoon must be stacked in this size?

  13. 13 Sometimes a warning is enough.

  14. 14 Is this a caravan?

  15. 15 Nailed It!

  16. 16 No one will dare to burst into your house...

  17. 17 Toilet paper secured, sir!

  18. 18 https://imgur.com/gallery/vVto0

  19. 19 Chain car parts together!

  20. 20 I have identified a flaw in my college's scissor retention plan.

  21. 21 Visible Security System!


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