20 Hilariously Creative Farewell Cakes That Turn Sad Goodbyes Happy


Goodbyes are mostly sad and emotional, after all it’s never easy to part with people especially when you have spent a lot of time together. However people have ways to keep things less sentimental as is illustrated in this post. These people used their creativity and humor and came up with awesome cakes to lighten up the moment and part ways with their colleagues in a cheerful manner. 


Listed below are 20 cakes with amazing captions creamed on them. Scroll down peeps and enjoy some of these captions on cakes that are pretty hilarious:

  1. 1 When your co worker gets a better new job

  2. 2 How to express mix emotions

  3. 3 A savage way to say good bye

  4. 4 When your coworker leaves without getting a new job


  5. 5 When James was your best friend at work

  6. 6 What was your name?

  7. 7 Letting your co worker know that you are not happy with their resignation

  8. 8 Clearing your feelings

  9. 9 When you are just completing the formality

  10. 10

  11. 11 When you hate the fact your friend is leaving

  12. 12 When you cant wait for your coworker to leave

  13. 13 That co worker that everyone hates

  14. 14 Just wanted to give him a cake

  15. 15 The sweetest way to tell your employee

  16. 16 When money was first on priority list

  17. 17 ERROR 404!

  18. 18 He must be a Gotham fan

  19. 19 The shitiest way to say good bye to someone

  20. 20 When your coworker takes too lng to leave


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