25 Hilariously Clever Responses To Dudes Asking For Nudes


To all the girls out there, we’ve all been there: you give your number to a romantic prospect, you text him for a while, and he inevitably asks for nudes. Or you DON’T text for a while, he turns out to be super creepy, and he immediately asks for nudes. Either way, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to send nudes to guys they barely know.


In this post, we have listed 25 hilariously clever responses to such dudes asking for nudes. We bet these photos will definitely make you laugh out loud for real. Hats off to you for enduring this kind of creepy behavior every once in a while *wink*. Scroll on and enjoy lovelies.

  1. 1 When she sends you nudes

  2. 2 Are you happy now, Alex?

  3. 3 Willy indeed is Arrogant

  4. 4 This shit is more creative than nudes


  5. 5 Hope this helps

  6. 6 These tits are kinda pointy

  7. 7 Michael Cera might just do the job

  8. 8 Stop dictating me man

  9. 9 He just won't stop trying

  10. 10 That's me, below the belt, wishing you birthday

  11. 11 Why won't you like Naked Jimmy Neutron?

  12. 12 The trick worked

  13. 13 How do I look?

  14. 14 There you go!

  15. 15 There's a lot of sad people in the world you know

  16. 16 Pasta always does the job

  17. 17 He wanted to see me look like a doll, naked in the shower

  18. 18 How NOT to sext

  19. 19 Move Alongg

  20. 20 when he tells you to send nudes

  21. 21 I'm gonna get what I want

  22. 22 A girl got a text from a boy asking to see her in her bra, dad replied.

  23. 23 Only the necessary ones stay

  24. 24 Staying below the belt

  25. 25 When you really hate someone


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