20 Hilarious Redneck Trucks


We have all heard about rednecks and their stupid and hilarious adventures. You may be surprised to see that in their own way rednecks can actually be quite creative. They have a special talent with trucks. Give them anything as casual as a pool table, and they’ll show you how it can be accommodated in a truck. The sort of machines that these guys come up with are seriously hilarious.


So scroll down peeps and enjoy these photos of 20 super weird and ridiculous trucks:

  1. 1 Bigfoot!

  2. 2 One of the benefits of redneck truck is, you can swing whenever you want to

  3. 3 Hey babes I’ll pick you up in my giant fish!

  4. 4 Welcome the boat truck


  5. 5 When you cant find the matching tires

  6. 6 Monster truck honda civic redneck!

  7. 7 When you want your kid to have a redneck truck too

  8. 8 The innovation of a genius man

  9. 9 When you are a School bus driver but also a redtruck fan

  10. 10 When your truck doesn't match your lift

  11. 11 A Local Plumbers truck decal.

  12. 12 When your RV has huge tires as your Monster Truck

  13. 13 Doughnut Monster Truck!

  14. 14 You can tell the owner of this truck is a female

  15. 15 When you are poor but still want a redneck truck

  16. 16 A hunter's truck

  17. 17 At least he reused the pool

  18. 18 Never think that no one will ever steal redneck truck's tires

  19. 19 When you convert your lawn mover into a redneck truck

  20. 20 Benefits for children


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