20 Hilarious Photos of People Trying to Sell Mirrors Online


Some problems have existed since the beginning of time. Selling a mirror online is one of them, at least for some people it is. How do you take a good picture of the mirror you want to sell? The mirror will always reflect its surroundings which makes it quite difficult to take a good photo. How do you actually do it? May be with the help of the Photoshop. But not everyone has common sense. Most people will simply try to make do by taking regular pictures. As you can imagine, the results are absurd and funny. 


Listed below are 20 hilarious attempts of amateurs trying to get a picture of their mirror? Trust me they’re totally worth watching.

  1. 1 I don't think this guy knows how mirrors work

  2. 2 Mirrors only. No humans allowed.

  3. 3 He actually took a selfie of that mirror

  4. 4 Almost invisible.. almost


  5. 5 Nice slippers

  6. 6 Is this a built in function?

  7. 7 Wait .. is that a foot?!

  8. 8 There's still room in the frame

  9. 9 The collar explains how he got these

  10. 10 I hope the other half of his body is in better shape

  11. 11 Let's me take a sneaky photo so that the mirror doesn't find out

  12. 12 How much for the dog?

  13. 13 When you don't trust your mirror

  14. 14 Love the trousers

  15. 15 Mirror for sale. Lazy women comes with it.

  16. 16 Casper? that you?

  17. 17 Mirror with head for sale

  18. 18 Do inverted tablets give better photo results?

  19. 19 Minions were here!

  20. 20 Betty surely gained some weight over time


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