30 Hilarious Netflix Subtitle Fails That Will Make You Go ROLF


Netflix is awesome! We’ve all spent a lazy weekend or two watching our favorite TV shows on Netflix. Watching TV shows on Netflix cut long boring commercials out of your life and it allows you to catch up on all of the movies and TV shows you may have missed over the years in record time. So you can get your blanket, get your snacks, and prepare to binge-watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix anytime and anywhere.

But guess what my friends, we have found something more awesome than Netflix itself. It’s their funny subtitles. Whoever is in charge of doing subtitles at Netflix deserves a round of ovation because even their fails are downright hilarious.


In this post, we have curated a selection of 30 hilarious Netflix subtitle fails that will make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share this post with all your friends who love binge-watching on Netflix.

  1. 1 We all know that sound

  2. 2 When my gf doesn't get what she wants

  3. 3 Not too silent

  4. 4 The traditional Asian stare


  5. 5 The amount of intensity in there

  6. 6 Very Accurate

  7. 7 Peanuts Growling

  8. 8 The sound of it makes me wanna pee

  9. 9 Intensifying it even further

  10. 10 Use all your body parts to express emotions

  11. 11 Do you know that one?

  12. 12 Cannibalism shouting out loud

  13. 13 Ashton Kutcher nailed it

  14. 14 When you get paid to make subtitles

  15. 15 Consistency is important in life

  16. 16 Thanks for the heads up subtitle guy!

  17. 17 They call me pornstache

  18. 18 Jiving togehter

  19. 19 When high school girls are home alone

  20. 20 I'm so glad Netflix went to the effort of adding subtitles to the Fireplace for Your Home series

  21. 21 I was watching on Netflix with subtitles when...

  22. 22 Isn't Korean already gibberish?

  23. 23 There's a lot going on there

  24. 24 I was watching Netflix at low volume with subtitles on so i wouldn't disturb my sleeping wife, but my laughter woke her up anyway.

  25. 25 This music's everywhere

  26. 26 When the class topper can't study properly

  27. 27 Spanish dramas are fun to watch with subtitles

  28. 28 Perfect depiction

  29. 29 When you find out your crush has entered the room

  30. 30 ** Comically reads-subtitle **


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