20 Hilarious Couple Conversations


Your better half is one person that you can say anything to without thinking twice about it. Witty texts and snarky remarks are common among couples. They keep things interesting. Couples consistently share screenshots of their cute conversations on social media profiles. 


In this post, we have collected 20 hilarious screenshots of couple conversations. If you’re having a bad day, these posts are sure to brighten your day. My favorite is number 15, it literally made me laugh out loud: 

  1. 1 Thug Life!

  2. 2 LOL This couple really gets each other!

  3. 3 I always improvise when it comes to teasing her

  4. 4 When both of you are equally weird!


  5. 5 That's one trick we all need to try

  6. 6 Hope it's meaningful enough for you now?

  7. 7 I hope she doesn't teach this version of the rhyme to their kids

  8. 8 She wins!

  9. 9 Why would I burn rice?

  10. 10 When she asks for too much!

  11. 11 We all love us

  12. 12 Good cover up

  13. 13 Asking for favors when you're in a relationship

  14. 14 Always love pulling a prank on my wife

  15. 15 Argument Loading...

  16. 16 You into bomb-ass food?

  17. 17 What's your partner's favorite toilet song?

  18. 18 My GF loves lame dad jokes

  19. 19 When your girl has better humor than you

  20. 20 When she knows you better than you!


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