20 Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Will Make You Smile


Cats are cute and intelligent creatures and there's never a dull moment when you own a cat. Yeah they sure snooze a lot, but every now and then these adorable creatures come up with something cute and funny to light up your day. Cats are really in on snapchat these days. We see all sorts of funky cat videos on our friends’ profiles. Some of these snapchats are clearly staged, others are just spur of the moment videos. 


In this post, we have compiled 20 hilarious cat snapchats for you guys. Sit back and enjoy the photos. Don’t skip the 3rd one, you will fall in love with cats after that:

  1. 1 My cat's life goal is to become an opera singer!

  2. 2 This black magic ritual really had me

  3. 3 The wrath of Death Lord a.k.a bob the kitten is upon us!

  4. 4 My cat wanted to get herself packed in my suitcase for my weekend trip


  5. 5 Well, they have better selfie taking skills than their owner

  6. 6 This bike mob looks deadly!

  7. 7 Now he wants me to take him to a Punk Rock concert

  8. 8 United we stand

  9. 9 He's been giving complicated signals

  10. 10 This kitty's new home hooman?

  11. 11 Definitely need a power bank for this

  12. 12 Look At Me Hooman!

  13. 13 Sweeto Purrito

  14. 14 She does this every time I get into the bathtub

  15. 15 Cat want more foood!

  16. 16 Everyone should have one of these for the rainy season

  17. 17 Letting him know he's being watched

  18. 18 So the Balcony is her new favorite place.

  19. 19 She acts so obedient at times

  20. 20 What happened to mommy?!


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