22 Hilarious and Surprising Airport Moments


We see people from all walks of life at airports. They all bring all sorts of cultures and experiences with them as well. When so many come together from so many different communities. Some oddities are eminent. Believe it or not, but people have gone as far as placing their babies in security belts. Then there are those who haven’t hesitated to sleep in boxes to pass the time in layovers. 


Compiled in this post are 20 hilarious and surprising moments that you can expect to see at airports:

  1. 1 These guys were prepared for their layover..

  2. 2 You don't often see passengers utilizing their suitcases as well as this guy

  3. 3 Can I get my baby scanned please?

  4. 4 She loves the ride


  5. 5 When your wife calls you before the flight and you've gotta pick groceries

  6. 6 Portland airport gives passengers socks that match their carpeting

  7. 7 This guy's got his airport outfit all figured out

  8. 8 Let's all board this imaginary flight

  9. 9 Sushi bags for the win

  10. 10 Just here for the free X-ray

  11. 11 Traveling with kids should be an achievement in itself

  12. 12 Grandma doesn't care

  13. 13 When you're done with life and decide to take a nap at the airport floor

  14. 14 Please tell me this isn't our pilot

  15. 15 Ready for the TSA inspection...!

  16. 16 The I will be waiting for you....

  17. 17 Child Claim!

  18. 18 Weary Traveller Couple!

  19. 19 The Backyard Crunchie!

  20. 20 A person from a country of such unlimited freedoms....

  21. 21 Perfectly Timed!

  22. 22 There's A Right Way And A Wrong Way To Carry Your Neck Pillow... cheeky lady!


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