20 Highly Fashionable Dads Who Deserve To be Real Fashion Icons


Being a good dad isn’t an easy job.

Dads are responsible for keeping a family together by providing both financial and emotional support. It takes a toll on them.

So when most dads finally get free from all their responsibilities, being fashionable isn’t number 1 on their priority list. They’ll wear whatever they like without giving a damn to how others see them.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of dads making strong fashion statements to express their individuality.

Scroll on and enjoy these hilarious photos peeps.

  1. 1 Dad found a solution to beat the summer heat in style

  2. 2 He's been telling me for a week he needs a new hairstyle and now this

  3. 3 This is his party shirt

  4. 4 Never knew was a fan of Disney


  5. 5 Dad knows how to start a party

  6. 6 My dad hates his knees

  7. 7 My dad works for the NYPD but wears these to bed every night

  8. 8 Every child's favorite human

  9. 9 I made a bet dad can't wear shorts to his office's annual dinner

  10. 10 My dad went on holiday and sent me this at 3 am

  11. 11 So how do I look, son?

  12. 12 I've been telling him these shorts are a little too much but he won't listen

  13. 13 Dad drank Redbull for the first time

  14. 14 Dad loves short shorts

  15. 15 It's Christmas time and Mr. Branson doesn't look too happy

  16. 16 Dog-walk time is when dad goes out to flirt with all the women in my neighborhood

  17. 17 He sets his own fashion standards

  18. 18 Age is just a number indeed

  19. 19 Warm and Sexy


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