20 Geniuses Who Know Exactly How To Make Life Easier


Ever felt like melting cheese over nachos but your microwave oven wasn’t working? Well, if you were as creative as the people here, you’d simply do it with your hair dryer. 

If that sounds creative yet hilarious to you, then read on as we have a compilation of people who try to fix their every day problems with ways that are wacky at the least.


We don’t know who came up with these ideas, but they are sure to give you a good laugh. 

  1. 1 Don't have blender? Problem solved!

  2. 2 Some people know very well how to take advantage of a heat wave

  3. 3 When your parents don't buy you a scooter

  4. 4 When you don't have ladders!


  5. 5 Need more people like this. Wash your hands and reuse the water.

  6. 6 These guys created a whole new game outta FIFA

  7. 7 I made a phone stand out of a potato

  8. 8 They denied him a flight pillow so he made his own

  9. 9 I made a flower pot

  10. 10 Melting cheese has never been easier

  11. 11 Thought I'd improve my headphones

  12. 12 When you forget sunscreen at home

  13. 13 When you don't like barbers

  14. 14 This is revolutionary

  15. 15 When your baby likes to be carried around

  16. 16 This is beyond genius

  17. 17 We have a clear winner

  18. 18 How to warm your pizza?

  19. 19 So someone gifted me a photo frame.. that's the only use I could find for it

  20. 20 When your phone isn’t charged and you are heading out…


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