20 Creative Lazy People


Laziness often can be the mother of most inventions, and can act as a catalyst that pushes progress forward. The remote control, the cordless phones, elevators all are a proof that their inventor was looking for some hack to make his lazy life easier. To further prove this fact, we have compiled 20 genius inventions by creative lazy people that are gonna make you burst into laughter. 


Some of these are so funny that they are surely gonna get popular real soon. So scroll down guys, and don’t skip even a single one, you might wanna try some of these after watching the list.

  1. 1 Honey! I am taking the dog for a walk.....

  2. 2 It's me in the Winter evenings

  3. 3 Laziest dad!

  4. 4 Take out the trash, she said!


  5. 5 We bet this man will not get out of his bed very soon. He could just lie there 24/7!

  6. 6 The floor is lava.

  7. 7 Innovation or just a new level of laziness?

  8. 8 It actually takes some practice to get the clothes on the mannequins just right!

  9. 9 Too lazy to hold it

  10. 10 They spend all their energy making gambiarras

  11. 11 Too lazy to clean the whole windscreen!

  12. 12 Maybe then I won’t sleep through it..

  13. 13 People call it lazy, I call it smart

  14. 14 Why buy a new table when all you need is just a few strings and a hanger to make a new table

  15. 15 Engineering at its best

  16. 16 The laziest clock maker ever

  17. 17 Don't forget your lunch!

  18. 18 The soup was hot ...

  19. 19 A perfect place where you can be alone with your own thoughts.

  20. 20 Hand free technology!


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