20 Genius Improvisations By Creative People


People who’re creative take pride in finding new ways to solve everyday problems. They’ll surprise you with the solutions they come up with. They find utility in simplicity. They’ll take everyday objects and use them in new ways to simplify their life.


Listed in this post are 20 genius improvisations devised by these creative folks. Scroll down, and surprise yourself. Find inspiration to come up with solutions like this on your own. I’m sure everyone will love the 5th one:

  1. 1 Smart thinking for smart living

  2. 2 Unless you have a chip clip of some kind, it seems like a chip bag is doomed to sit open and on its side in a cabinet somewhere.

  3. 3 Turn yourself into a motor boat!

  4. 4 Tomato! The high tech feeding robot!


  5. 5 When you don't want to hold your ipad

  6. 6 Now you’ll never be bored again while getting a haircut...!

  7. 7 It’s not stupid if it works.

  8. 8 No corkscrew to hand? Just use a high-heeled shoe to push down the cork!

  9. 9 Finally found a use for my old TV

  10. 10 Heat two bowls at once in the microwave with this handy trick

  11. 11 Engineering at its best

  12. 12 Culinary art level: God.

  13. 13 When you are too lazy to take off your glasses

  14. 14 Too lazy to hold it...

  15. 15 De-stress when you're stuck in traffic with a 'bubble wrap' steering wheel cover!

  16. 16 Police Body Camera

  17. 17 This Nose stylus will allow to multi-task with both your hands, while using your phone

  18. 18 Introducing the redneck smoker

  19. 19 Are tractors really neccesary when you have the best vehicle in existance?

  20. 20 when you want to sleep during class


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