25 Funny Touch ups That Made The Regular Photos More Amusing


With Photoshop, you can play with images and touch them up here and there to come up with hilarious updated versions. You can find lots of these hilarious touched up photos online in which you see the things that are unlikely to happen but they’re sure to make you laugh out loud. 

Ever thought of Putin and Trump sharing a romantic spaghetti? Whether you thought of that or not, someone did and they edited a photo of Putin and Trump to visually express their thoughts in a hilarious manner. There are many other photos like that.


Listed in this post are hilarious touched photos that are sure to make you laugh. Scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 The literal FACE OFF

  2. 2 Can't scroll down without looking at this twice

  3. 3 When the internet has it's way with Miss America.

  4. 4 The broken Rock


  5. 5 So she finally got bored of the look

  6. 6 Kids these days

  7. 7 When she says "I am home alone"

  8. 8 Spaghetti first, negotiations later

  9. 9 Hulk exponential chin Hogan

  10. 10 When everyone's eating and you let out a fart

  11. 11 Gotta stay hydrated

  12. 12 Up and Above!

  13. 13 That smile, that damned smile

  14. 14 Meanwhile in underwater olympics

  15. 15 Describes him perfectly

  16. 16 Not everyone ages well

  17. 17 Remember the name

  18. 18 Don't let Jesus fall Jack

  19. 19 Political face swaps can be fun

  20. 20 Swoosh Swoosh!

  21. 21 This reminded me of school times

  22. 22 Turning nicely around the corner and into the final lap

  23. 23 He does what he wants

  24. 24 Can you take me a little higher?!

  25. 25 Trying out my new ride for the first time


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