20+ Funny Tinder Profile Photos


Finding a match on tinder can be tough. With more than 20 billion tinder profiles, you need to have a really awesome profile if you’re looking to find someone interesting enough to date. People will judge you based on your profile, so you need to dish out your best self on the profile to help your potential better half look you up online. You can’t really hope to achieve much on tinder if you can’t even design a proper profile.

There are so many different types of people on tinder, and they’ve some seriously crazy profiles. From action figures and figurines to Jesus inspired profiles, you’ll find almost all sorts of profiles there. Some of these profiles are so absurd, you can’t help rolling your eyes at the sheer stupidity of the descriptions. 


In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 30 highly amusing profiles posted by a bunch of passionate tinder users. I literally face palmed on the second one. I mean seriously dude? Try harder, please! Scroll down and enjoy:

  1. 1 He'll lift you on his shoulders

  2. 2 Oh Jesus

  3. 3 They're a pair

  4. 4 The most convincing bio ever


  5. 5 Call her Apples, please!

  6. 6 Here for the free food

  7. 7 Answer me!

  8. 8 That's more hardcore than any of us can handle

  9. 9 So how do you like your tacos?

  10. 10 Too much honesty

  11. 11 Spot's story is such a roller coaster ride

  12. 12 Are you bottom of my laptop? Because you hot!

  13. 13 Keep the chin game strong

  14. 14 Hard as a Brick!

  15. 15 Gotta stay magestic

  16. 16 Someone please fix the bloody thermostat!

  17. 17 She actuall is "work in progress"

  18. 18 Wild. Caring. Cuddly...

  19. 19 Down and out!

  20. 20 Becky's got balls

  21. 21 Too much info we don't need!

  22. 22 Mountain Dew and Twizzlers..

  23. 23 She knows how to play the tinder game

  24. 24 Didn't know Don Pablo was on Tinder..

  25. 25 This is way more fruity than I can handle..

  26. 26 We share the same habbits

  27. 27 Help the poor fella

  28. 28 Are you Bready?!

  29. 29 What a pickup line

  30. 30 Only true love's kiss can save him now!


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