20 Funny Things Found in Supermarket


We all make mistakes, we wouldn’t be humans if we didn’t. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a women, a kid or an adult, a priest or an artist, you’re bound to err at one time or another. If you’re lucky your mistakes won’t be highlighted in public, and you’ll be saved from embarrassing yourself in front of others. However, most of the time that is not the case. Our hilarious mistakes, especially the ones at work, happen in right where everyone can see them. As frustrating as they seem at the time, they’re a source of fond memories to look back to. 

If you’re ever worked at a super store, you’ll agree that it is a tough job. There is so much to do, and often in little time. So sometimes, in the heat of action things get misplaced or mislabeled. Sometimes the placements are so wrong that they’re downright hilarious.


Imagine finding a stack of cucumbers above a sign labelled “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I’m sure the store manager must have been aghast upon the discovery! The shoppers must have had a good laugh though. Listed in this post are 20 such hilarious supermarket mistakes that are sure to make you laugh:

  1. 1 That's a pretty terrible present for your 100th birthday. Sorry, Oreo.

  2. 2 The Need for a comma here is too much

  3. 3 If you ever had any doubts...

  4. 4 Only $4.99 to remove my face? What a deal. Now where do I go to get the new one?


  5. 5 Which breed of dog is it?

  6. 6 I personally wanna meet the farmer

  7. 7 IF you live in a slaughter house

  8. 8 That is one hell of a lonely Valentines day

  9. 9 Some new pictures for your bathroom.

  10. 10 Surely the staff are winding us up here

  11. 11 and 36 days a month

  12. 12 It had one job!

  13. 13 This door has a split personality disorder

  14. 14 Wanna play some basketball?

  15. 15 This is definitely going to ruin a party.

  16. 16 It's a transgender Baby...

  17. 17 Seed less watermelons don't look very pleasant

  18. 18 Masha and the Bear: revenge of the merchandiser

  19. 19 Looks like like someone’s utterly drunk.

  20. 20 Baby Steps! This pun will knock your socks off.


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