24 Funny Situations Only People Who Hate Morning Can Understand


Mornings are not for everyone. But unfortunately, most businesses and schools operate during the day. So whether we like it or not, we gotta suck it up and wake up early. 

People who hate mornings will usually torture themselves in different ways so they can force themselves to wake up. From putting 10 alarms with 5 minute intervals to putting pins on your alarm clock snooze button, everything is possible. 


Listed in this post are 20 photos of funny incidents with people who hate mornings:

  1. 1 Gotta hit the bull's eye first thing in the morning

  2. 2 It does not count as a sin

  3. 3 That should give you an early morning boost

  4. 4 That's the hand of morning itself

  5. 5 How could you even do that to yourself?!


  6. 6 Does this remind you of school? Really sorry if it does

  7. 7 When caffeine is your fuel

  8. 8 Updated Status: Failed

  9. 9 I kept pressing the snooze button but it wasn't working

  10. 10 This is for people that have issues hearing the alarm clock

  11. 11 There's nothing wrong with looking average...

  12. 12 Early morning shenanigans

  13. 13 You gotta do what you gotta do

  14. 14 Who else has tried sleeping on the treadmill?

  15. 15 Puta Cactus!!

  16. 16 Me in the morning, reaching for the snooze button

  17. 17 My alarm clock doesn't shut up and keeps running around

  18. 18 This makes my bed vibrate until I turn it off

  19. 19 When you trust your sleep so much

  20. 20 Don't even try to trick me into it

  21. 21 It's really nice to see someone actively trying to improve their situation.

  22. 22 My mum attached the alarm clock to the roof top

  23. 23 When you're up playing FIFA all night on a weekday

  24. 24 Workplace naps FTW!


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