20 Funny Sarcastic Responses To Various Signs That Will Make You Laugh


Things are always more interesting around people with a good sense of humor. They will make even the most boring things interesting with their quirky and hilarious remarks. We’ve all encountered boring and cliché signs in one place or another. Most of us just look at them, get the message and move on. However there are some who’ve had enough of the same cliché messages on sign boards. They spice things up by either changing the signs in a humorous ways or provide sarcastic responses to the signs to make things interesting. 


Listed in this post are photos of 20 sarcastic responses to various signs that will make you laugh:

  1. 1 Look out for those jazz hands.

  2. 2 Hello Dr. Geller

  3. 3 Had to acknowledge it!

  4. 4 Caution! Cheeky cats ahead!


  5. 5 Criminal Baby!

  6. 6 The stains won't wash off

  7. 7 Is this a new video title?

  8. 8 What's up doc?

  9. 9 It may get stolen

  10. 10 Who ever did this has my respect!

  11. 11 Dead flies don't fly no more

  12. 12 At least now we're clear about it

  13. 13 Only math geeks can escape speeding tickets here

  14. 14 You don't want snakes chasing you, do you?!

  15. 15 Wayy too much!

  16. 16 Its really smooth, can't help it

  17. 17 NOT A CHANCE

  18. 18 Ninja's only

  19. 19 Ydan must be high

  20. 20 Employees only. Other people can carry all the germs they want.

  21. 21 Lol! Good one!

  22. 22 I don't always laugh at vandalism, but when I do....


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