30 Funny Photos Where Fashion Seems to be Drunk


Fashion isn’t always classy, sometimes it can be simply absurd. But people follow it, they start to accept things simply because they’re in fashion. Anyone remembers that hilarious fashion of having pet rocks? Now as absurd as it seems, it was a fad and people paid good money for the rocks. 


Pet rocks wasn’t the only fashion trend that was strange. There’s a lot more out there. Listed in this post are 30 photos featuring absurd and simply hilarious fashion trends. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 So that's where Nemo went.

  2. 2 I knew people were obsessed with the royal family, but this is taking it too far.

  3. 3 Right outta Nikki Minaj's closet.

  4. 4 Grandma's fashion show.


  5. 5 Just turn it into a pair of shorts.

  6. 6 Classic Goodwill find

  7. 7 That looks like something my dog ripped apart.

  8. 8 I bet this guy lost a lot of money in Bitcoin.

  9. 9 Recently evolved new species

  10. 10 Feminists.

  11. 11 Teenagers and their fashion choices.

  12. 12 Where are the animal rights people at.

  13. 13 Samurai jeans.

  14. 14 That is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

  15. 15 When you haven't done your laundry in a while.

  16. 16 90's ghetto fashion.

  17. 17 I hope that's not real hair.

  18. 18 Burnt fashion.

  19. 19 Someone is in the Easter spirit.

  20. 20 Alien queen.

  21. 21 I blame her parents for letting her walk around like that.

  22. 22 Some people are so stupid they don't know why we wear watched on our wrists.

  23. 23 I've got no problem with that skirt.

  24. 24 I've always been curious about what the next weird fashion trend will be. Hopefully it won't be this.

  25. 25 Lady Gaga Halloween costume.

  26. 26 Caveman bracelet.

  27. 27 I hope they're getting paid something for that advertisement.

  28. 28 Shouldn't have made that bet.

  29. 29 Japanese inspired boots.

  30. 30 Hillbilly fashion.


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