20 Funny Photos of People Who are Insanely Addicted to Technology


 Know that one person who always has to upload a picture of their food before the start eating or are Snapping everything throughout the day? Well, if that annoys you, then we really don’t know how you’d react to the images below, as we have compiled pictures of people who are insanely addicted to technology and it’s not even funny. 

  1. 1 Hold up, I dropped my baby!

  2. 2 Solution for people who can't stay away from their phones even for a second.

  3. 3 Technology Addicted Zombies. Nailed it!

  4. 4 Feel free to charge!


  5. 5 How developers do lunch. Grilled cheese sandwich, anyone?

  6. 6 Awesome Before Instagram

  7. 7 It probably charges faster because gravity pulls the electricity downward.

  8. 8 Now it's working, but don't touch it!

  9. 9 Another guy desperate to charge his phone

  10. 10 Enjoy millions of the latest Android

  11. 11 Woman who is desperate to charge her phone but has zero interest in the art!

  12. 12 When you’re on a school trip but you and bae had a fight last night! Evil Revenge

  13. 13 Finally found an outlet in the classroom!

  14. 14 Impact of Technology Addiction in Families

  15. 15 Portable Solar Panel to charge your phone anywhere, Everywhere!

  16. 16 Desperate length you'd probably go to charge your phone...

  17. 17 People take phone in the toilet, but this person is just taking it to a whole new level.

  18. 18 Terrifying, but funny!

  19. 19 It’s the thought that counts!

  20. 20 Serious group discussion!


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