20 Funny Photos of People Who are Close Enough


We all have a group of people in our social media list who are always posting terrific photos. It makes you wonder how they do it. Do they have a photographer with them all the time or something?

And then there are the hilarious trolls who replicate these perfectly timed photos in their own fashion.


In this post we have listed up a side by side comparison of the photos posted by both these groups. The trolls have absolutely nailed it.

Scroll on and enjoy the hilarious collection peeps.

  1. 1 Just need a better cameraman

  2. 2 My goal vs My reality

  3. 3 When she says Thor is her favorite superhero

  4. 4 Gender is not the limit


  5. 5 Maintaining a double mustache must be hard

  6. 6 The 6 packs I want vs the 6 packs I have

  7. 7 Lacoste

  8. 8 Someone's getting a beating after this

  9. 9 Kitty has never been so proud

  10. 10 Let the light come in

  11. 11 Even the paper is disappointed in me

  12. 12 Welcome to the clan

  13. 13 That's not exactly what I meant by saying "listen to the sound of nature"

  14. 14 Have your pick

  15. 15 Donald is a lucky guy

  16. 16 Had to lick them off within no time

  17. 17 It doesn't quit suit my puppy

  18. 18 Throughout the week vs Saturday night

  19. 19 Who has a bigger butt?

  20. 20 Both are stripped cats


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