23 Funny People Who Took Casual Fridays Too Casually


Casual Friday should come with a manual specifying what’s decent and what’s not, or at least it should highlight in bold letters that casual means business casual. Most people take casual Friday too seriously and they show up at work in absurd clothes that should have never left their closet. 


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of people who showed up to work in absurd outfits on casual Friday. The 8th one is our favorite in the list, don’t miss it. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1

  2. 2 When you're late for work but still get there somehow

  3. 3 So you were saying?

  4. 4 That's all I could find in my casual dresser


  5. 5 Welcoming the weekend like

  6. 6 Themed parties at work

  7. 7 The Russian Police had a casual day. It ended very well.

  8. 8 Way too casual friday…

  9. 9 Someone forgot to wear pants

  10. 10 When you've got a different wardrobe only for Fridays

  11. 11 In a meeting right now. Talk to you later!

  12. 12 Which company has a dress code so diverse?!

  13. 13 My workplace on party nights

  14. 14 So this is how my friend decided to dress casually at work

  15. 15 Interviews on casual Fridays be like

  16. 16 This is Unicorns Inc., how may I help you?

  17. 17 So my boss wore these sweatpants on a casual Friday. I can't hold my laughter.

  18. 18 They day to chill at work

  19. 19 Over time on the weekends be like

  20. 20 Clips from a recent product launch meeting that happened on a Friday...

  21. 21 Meet Joe from work. He eats a lot and does not like formal clothing.

  22. 22 When you're running late for work

  23. 23 Enjoy the views first, work later!


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