20 Funny Customers Who Made Shopping Amusing For Passers By


Most people don’t care much about how they look or what they do when they’re at the mall. You get to see people coming into the mall wearing all kinds of hilarious costumes.

Then there are others who use the shopping carts as rides much to the amusement and annoyance of everyone at the mall.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of people acting crazy at the mall. Don’t miss the 17th picture, that is just awesome.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Heavy Cruising

  2. 2 Just got an extension for my wheelchair

  3. 3 These Caterpillars grow up so fast

  4. 4 He just asked me for directions


  5. 5 Wa-kan-da

  6. 6 Fashion sense to die for

  7. 7 Where am I, Narnia?

  8. 8 That's every one of us when mum takes us shopping

  9. 9 These strollers must have strong engines

  10. 10 Just wish the trolleys here are pure steel

  11. 11 Wait until you get home dude

  12. 12 Nobody loves shopping more than grandpa

  13. 13 Chewbacca has reproduced

  14. 14 So my goat was getting bored at home..

  15. 15 What's the worst dress you've worn to the mall?

  16. 16 Those calories aint gonna burn themselves

  17. 17 Contact for wedding ceremonies (Reservations open)

  18. 18 Can you bill me quickly. Gotta catch a train to cartoon network.

  19. 19 Walmart ft Rapunzel

  20. 20 Say hi to dolly y'all


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