20 Funny Comics Only Girls Can Understand


Prudence is a Belgian illustrator who considers herself a dreamer and a cat hugger.  She has been drawing since early childhood, and creates beautiful comic and art works that she shares with her audience on her Instagram page and her website. You can also contact her to get customized posts done for your loved ones. 

On her website she sells Famous people prints, motivational prints, Food prints, Vintage prints and bookmarks.  She authored her own comic book “Bad at Adulting: Good at Feminism” that features comics on women, relationships, life and food. She comically explores the struggles of being an adult and other important questions in life through her art work. 


Listed in this post 20 funny comics highlighting the struggles of women by prudence. You can learn more about her and her art work on the following links: Website| Facebook | Instagram

  1. 1 Makeup Vs No Makeup Look!

  2. 2 Summer or winter, we always have something to complain about!

  3. 3 Looking hawt in all shapes and sizes!

  4. 4 When your skin is not on your side!


  5. 5 Playsuits Expectations Vs Reality!

  6. 6 Walk of shame Vs Walk of pride!

  7. 7 Bed Head Expectations Vs Reality!

  8. 8 Applying Eyeliner Expectations Vs Reality!

  9. 9 Weekend Plans Other Vs Me!

  10. 10 Party Night Me AT 17 Vs Me At 25

  11. 11 In the club expectation Vs reality!

  12. 12 Durning those days!

  13. 13 Ugh! Periods!

  14. 14 Feeding a quadriplegic Expectations Vs Reality!

  15. 15 Love Life At 18 Vs At 26!

  16. 16 Meeting a friend after a long time Expectations Vs Reality!

  17. 17 Girls Night Expectations Vs Reality!

  18. 18 A lot has changed in 10 years!

  19. 19 Ugh the frizz!

  20. 20 Coming out of the pool Others Vs Me!


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