20 Funny Comics Only Girls Can Understand – Part 4


Prudence is a 25-year-old Belgian illustrator who has been drawing as long as she can remember. She has over 420 thousand Instagram followers. Her illustrations mostly feature herself, sometimes in a very self-deprecating but hilarious way. 

Her unique and funny perspective on reality and day-to-day struggles can be seen in her comic series. We at bemethis have compiled some of her awesome yet funny illustrations, enjoy!


More Info:  Instagram | Facebook | Planetprudence

  1. 1 Bangs Expectation vs Reality

  2. 2 How Cute Bras Look on Me Vs Others

  3. 3 Ugh! Commercials Vs Real life!

  4. 4 Short Hair Expectation Vs Reality


  5. 5 Morning People Vs Me!

  6. 6 Girls' Night Expectations Vs Reality

  7. 7 School outfit expectation vs reality

  8. 8 Ah it's so real....

  9. 9 When it's Friday!

  10. 10 Party Expectations Vs Reality

  11. 11 Girls at 17 Vs Girls at 25!

  12. 12 Coming out of the pool Expectation Vs Reality

  13. 13 Swim dress on me

  14. 14 New Outfit Expectations Vs Reality

  15. 15 Braids Expectation vs Reality

  16. 16 Without Pants Vs With Pants

  17. 17 When you think you're so elegant....

  18. 18 This is how it feels when you get a haircut!

  19. 19 Me Vs Also Me...

  20. 20 Girls movie night set up!


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