20 Funny Chinese Mistranslations


Chinese is the one of the most widely spoken languages of the world. Approximately 1.6 billion people across the world speak Chinese. Despite the fact that so many people use chinese as their mother tongue, we still lack adept translators to interpret chinese language and provide sound translations. Most people just turn to the power of google translate to make sense of chinese. The result is hilariously wrong mistranslations that will give you hysterical fits of laughter.


Inspired by these mistranslations we have compiled 20 funny Chinese-mistranslation moments that will make you laugh. Don’t miss the 11th one, it’s awesome:

  1. 1 F*ck the certain price of goods

  2. 2 Tiny grass is dreaming

  3. 3 Meat muscle stupid bean sprouts

  4. 4 Sixi roasted husband


  5. 5 Gentlemen

  6. 6 Execution in progress

  7. 7 Fresh Crap Anyone?!

  8. 8 F*ck vegetables

  9. 9 Special for deformed

  10. 10 Cheap Sh*t!!

  11. 11 Hand Grenade

  12. 12 I like your smile, But......

  13. 13 Please don't kiss me, don't touch me!

  14. 14 A Time Sex Thing....!

  15. 15 Chicken Noodle Soup Tattoo!

  16. 16 It's how the Fire Nation rolls!

  17. 17 Do Not Animals....!LOL!

  18. 18 This Is Tat Too!

  19. 19 I beefsteak. I wore roasted meat sauce.....!

  20. 20 Ok! Only Sluts are gonna buy this soup!


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