20 Funny And Unsettling Photos By Bearded Men


While Prince Harry’s marriage is still talk of the town, girls have started to fall for light bearded men. You know, what else we love about Prince Harry? Apart from his graceful beard, of course. A fun-loving heart. The younger son of ever-loved Princess Dianna is famed for funny faces he publicly makes since he was a little kid. In fact, we are wondering lately if hairs have some connection with funny faces. Does this question sound weird to you?


Then have a look at these 20 photos of bearded men who, like Prince Harry, love funny faces. We admit their choice is a bit unsettling but love the idea – spread smile to the ones around you.

  1. 1 It's look like a head from behind, doesn't it?

  2. 2 Now this one i can actually bear to peak at due to their sense of humour

  3. 3 How do i unsee this one?

  4. 4 Photoshop? Really? Looks legit to me.


  5. 5 Why are the kids trying to eat him?

  6. 6 This guy is hilariously creative!

  7. 7 So that's how bearded men smoke a cigarette?!

  8. 8 Looks like a Lego man!

  9. 9 Sad frown

  10. 10 Leafy beard face!

  11. 11 Short guy with a frizzy Mohawk?

  12. 12 Hey! What's up dude!

  13. 13 Funny doodles!

  14. 14 Faceless Man with headphones! LOL!

  15. 15 At least he can see clearly!

  16. 16 It’s Beaker from Muppets. Missing the googly eyes though!

  17. 17 The nose gets me on this one!

  18. 18 Wow! Really stop it guys!

  19. 19 LOL! Does that actually count as a beard?

  20. 20 Propeller hat


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